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My name is Vincent, but I'm better known as Vince.
I love company, computers, music, movies, food and non-discussions.



Exadi Web Solutions Jan 2009 - Present


Entrepreneurship in providing IT- and (mostly) web-related solutions in terms of scripting (mostly PHP, MySQL and JavaScript), technical maintenance (e.g. hosting, domain registration) and design.

Everest B.V. Apr 2013 - Present

Front-end developer

Building and maintaining the front-end for web-based applications.

ASML Jul 2010 - May 2012

Executive usability consultant
  • Project leader for a reporting section on ASML's intranet.
  • Intranet improvement and maintenance. Reconstructing the intranet section of one of ASML's departments, based on the perspective of its users and their needs.


Tilburg University Sep 2010 - Mar 2013

Master of Arts in Human Aspects of Information Technology

Thesis: "Fuzzy logic in computer game tactics"
Finished Premaster courses: Methodology, Statistics: Basic Techniques, Statistics: SPSS, Report Writing & Scientific Argumentation in English, Games & Artificial Intelligence, Seminar Discourse and Data Processing, Business Information Technology, Cognitive Modelling, Research Workshop, Digital Heritage, User Interface Design.
Finished Master courses: Computer Games, Evolution of the Internet, Knowledge Management, Organizational decision making and cooperation, Natural Language Processing, Social Signal Processing, Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery, Culture and Technology, Ethnographic Approaches to Social Media, Interactive Journalism (30 ECTS extra).
Research skills: Programming, Scripting, Analysis of Variance, Laboratory research.

Fontys Hogescholen, Eindhoven Sep 2005 - Jun 2010

Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology in ICT Media Design

Thesis: "Thesis: Telecomrating.nl: ontwikkeling van een telecomportaal"


Interaction design

Artificial intelligence

Data mining

Computer vision


  • Methodological, analytical, pragmatic, precise


Web development: front-end structure (HTML/CSS/PhotoShop slicing)

Web development: back-end dynamics (PHP/MySQL)

Web development: graphical design

Programming/scripting (Python/JavaScript/ActionScript)

General (Microsoft Windows/Office)


  • Interested in practically anything that has a connection with computers (hardware, software, gadgets... even ethics)
  • Can communicate with both users and developers



  • Sense of humour and sarcasm
  • Informal
  • Straight talker and direct


  • Speaks Dutch (native) and English (professional working proficiency)
  • Drivers licences A and B


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